Olives 14

Three-Layer Caviar Dip 16

Fries 6

Poutine, beef gravy, cheese curds 12

add truffle mayo 2

Cockles – black garlic mayo, crackers 40



Party cheese, crackers, garlic, herbs, red pepper jelly 12

Cheese board, honeycomb, dried fruit, nuts, pickles, bread 25

Charcuterie, pickles, haskap mustard, bread 28

Fontina fondue, pink lady apple, chorizo, cornichon, bread 23


Half dozen 21 Dozen 42
mignonette | horseradish | add tomato granita or tabasco 2


Northern Divine sturgeon caviar, crème fraiche, chives, chips

12g – 65

The Deluxe

Two dozen oysters, 30g caviar, mignonette, horseradish, tomato granita, tabasco,

banana peppers, chips 195


Small Share Plates

Black Garlic Caesar Salad 18
Romaine, black garlic, shallot, pickled anchovy

Chicken Liver Pate 18
Concord grape, bread

Grains and Pulses 16
Lentils, quinoa, ricotta, tomato

Ricotta Gnocchi 18
Porcini cream, sautéed greens and mushrooms

Scallops & Risotto 20
Seared scallops, risotto, cauliflower, pistachio, pumpkin seeds

Crispy Rabbit 21
Carrots, honey mustard

Beet Scarpinocc 19
Cured trout, capers, poppy seeds, pickled shallots


Desserts 12

Chocolate fruit & nut pate

Yogurt & honey Panna cotta, bee pollen

To Go

After 10pm
      Tues-Sat Happy Hour drink Prices

Every Day

Pop Pizza Pop  13

Olives 12

Pistachios 9

Pickled Egg 3

Hawkins cheesies 4

Miss Vickie’s  6

Cheese & Crackers 12