POP Wine Bar Logo and Branding

Five different concepts are presented here for review, each with multiple variations (i.e. wide + stacked) for different applications. At this stage all colours and slogans are subject to a change. Potential extra branding elements, that could be used for the website and other marketing, are also included. 






For additional branding elements I played with some subtle Saskatoon — Paris connections and found that these two fun ones worked nicely:

Hot air balloon

  • Land of Living Skies
  • First manned hot air balloon flight 1783 in Paris.


  • Found in Sask and France
  • Visual pun: Pop / Needles / Balloons
  • References French royalty’s old Order of the Porcupine – The Latin motto of the order was Cominus et Eminus (English “Near and Far”) – which is a pretty fitting slogan for the wine bar’s concept.